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Originally Posted by Colubrid View Post
So basically since nobody on a gun forum refuted what she said. She is correct!
It is hard to give you a straight answer because on one side, you are going to have some members meritting all the "coincidences" to Luck or chance. On the other side you will have members arguing that because of her faith and trust in God is that she was shielded thru all those ordeals. It comes down to what the specific person in question believed at the time those events were happening. To give you an example, lets say I'm driving down the street, then the vehicle infront of me gets T-bone by a semi. Depending on the type of person that I am, Im going to analyze the tragic event as a) Thanks God my guardian angel was with me, or else that could have been me. or B) damm I'm soo Lucky I hesitated to pass that guy over, or else, that would have been me. So you see. It all depends the prism that you view things thru.
I do believe there are forces at play we humans cannot see nor comprehend, but even then, it will hard to call that one.
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