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Originally Posted by ArrowJ View Post
I am not sure if I have ever known a group of people as interested in stirring up s#%* as a few of the folks on GT. Seriously, are you just that bored? I mean, you are not even replying to some thread, you just post this crap to sit back and enjoy (by your own admission). You should go to the range more, or maybe take up knitting.

I take it you're unfamiliar with who rasputin was. It is probably scaring you when you're reading the striking similarities he has with your buddy Jesus Christ.

Last I checked, this is religious issues, not "a place where Christians come together and talk about how great and superior their way of thinking is to everyone else's".

You're more than welcome not to open my threads if they bother you that much. I'm sure anyone who brings anything relatively thought-provoking into your life probably scares the bejesus right out of you.
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