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I hope they don't get a bad rap before really getting out. Here is the reasoning.

I have several 10mm's and most have ran fine right out of the box. All except my most expensive one... Dan Wesson Razoback 1911. First time I took it to the range it locked up solid into the first magazine. No amount of hitting on it would free it! I had to strip it down and hand work it with heavy grease and a rubber mallet to get it going. Litterly that day though I wanted to throw it down the range and cussed up a storm!
Next visit it ran like a top and after changing to the 22lb spring it is the most accurate 10mm I own plus runs anything. The feed ramp looks a little rough so it appears it needs some polish and rounding of rough spots. It's been stated it's undersprung (anyone find out what it comes with?). I bet with a little work this one will prove out just fine. Keep in mind 10mm's are extremely fast slide velocity and will need some tweaking. A good test to see where they are is Remington 180gr and from there move to Underwood or PBR when they test out with a spring.
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