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Just got off the phone with a RIA Gun smith, he is the main 10mm GS, very nice fellow. The 10mm CTD is an early(CTD only) release production, he said what I have is a 2013 production model. These will be release next year.

I talked to him about the 2 FTFs and how the spring feels too light. He said the 10mm comes with a 14lb recoil spring and should not need anything heavier unless you are shooting stout loads, he also said the 10mm can handle +p loads. I gave him my load data and he recommended the wolf 16lb recoil spring. He said that he did experiment with a wolf 16 lb recoil spring and it worked fine but for lower loads it could cause some issues. He feels that this should take care of my issue and will mail me a 16lb wolf spring for free. What a nice guy.

I'll keep you posted when it comes in.
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