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Originally Posted by intecooler View Post

How about when you buy Champagne like I did and right out of the box it's a paper-weight?

To pass judgement on a pistol that just come out, is tight and maybe a little rough around the edges is nuts. It's not going to be a $1000 plus 1911 but can possibly be a great shooter with a little work. If all it needs is some feed ramp work and a spring plus break-in... hell of a deal!
I don't guess you read my post above. I know what a Rock Island is. And I don't expect perfection out of the box with one. I have explained, in pretty good detail, or so I thought, what my intentions for this gun were. And that I did not want to take a chance on having to spend any extra money on getting it to run right, should that need arise. These are new for Armscor and I think that buying one later on down the road will work better for MY intentions and purposes. I agree with you that they are a hell of a deal. Why do you think I ordered one within days of them becoming available?
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