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Originally Posted by Gary1911A1 View Post
I don't know, but 14 lbs seem light to me even if it has a bull barrel to slow unlocking. Maybe he thought you were talking about the 9MM as 14 lbs would be right for it.
We where talking about the 10mm because I question him about the spring being too light, that's when he said he had experimented with the 14 and 16lb springs on the new RIA 10mm and the 14lb would work great for low pressure target loads. There is no reason in my mind to shoot a 10mm with bunny fart loads, I would just go back to a 40 cal for that.The 10mm is designed for 1000+fps depending on the bullet gr.

It would be like having a corvette with a 125hp motor
Spent brass to me is like the ring to Gollum "We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious"
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