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Originally Posted by intecooler View Post
It is if you are talking about the build yes. I think you are the same one talking about having 2k in parts to make it run right. I highly doubt it would take that much but money better spent if a 1911 10mm is what you want with a build that runs right can be had for $1000. You cancelled though right? Adding lights, accs and stuff no, that's normal user stuff.

Don't think I have much to learn about 10mm's. Have been messing with them a long while now and understand the firearms and round itself.

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You obviously haven't read a single word I've written. Your entire post is made up of jibberish and really makes you look quite foolish. Maybe you should quit while you're behind. BTW, that Razorback might make for a decent base gun build. The others...while 10mm's, aren't 1911's. So why drag them into this thread? I own a G20 and G29. Does that have anything to do with this thread?
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