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Originally Posted by SigFTW View Post
Can't argue with that statement and did not have enough experience with the 1911 10mm to argue with him on what # spring was needed, I just knew that the spring it came with was not enough.

This is my first 1911 10mm, and my third 10mml, the other two are S&W 1006. So I'm still learning about the 1911 10mm. The 1006 is a tank and can handle HOT loads and never needed tweaking, both ran 100% out the box!

So, the consensus I am seeing is that it should be around 20lbs spring minimum? If so, I'll buy a heavier spring.
You can get away with ~18lb, but I' probably start with 20lb and go up from there, maybe see where your at each increment. Personally if it were me, I'd be looking to play with mainsprings and throw in that flat EGW FPS stop as well.
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