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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
I know ONE personally. You couldn't ask for a higher quality person. Just as an example... he left $6,000 for a family that needed it to get some kind of surgery for their little girl at his church. He refused to let them know who did it. He did it just because it was what he thought was his duty to Christ. If I recall that put him in a financial position of living paycheck to pay check for about a year. Everytime that man gets a dollar he doesn't need to survive... he gives it away to someone that needs it.
On the flip side, I know of atheists and muslims aquaintances, that behave more christian like than many of the self proclaim devout christians. Like Muscogee said, "Is a though road", many are not willing to walk it out of convenience, many are not willing to walk it out of fear, but few are doing their best to try to walk thru it the best way they can or know. We are not perfect, we are humans. IF God would have wanted perfect beings that would worship him day and night no questions asked, he could have created those creatures (robots), but He would be fooling Himself into thinking those beings would be doing it out of love and unconditionally. That is the whole purpose of the free will.
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