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Animal Mother:
There's no need for the constant repetition of this silliness. We established long ago that you're more than willing to ignore any evidence or science which contradicts your beliefs.

Why does it make you so uneasy to compare a theory with a guess? You know that's what a theory is until it is a law.

Animal Mother:
I'm always willing to produce evidence in support of my claims. Please do the same.

I do, if I didn't we wouldn't still be going back and forth on this.

Animal Mother:
The force of gravitation and a gravitational well are two different things. All you're doing here is demonstrating, yet again, your lack of knowledge about science.

You know this and yet do not explain this to me. Do I have to look it up?

Animal Mother:
Yes, I am, as I have been for years and as many others do.

Don't you understand that evolution cannot be fact?
You accept the fact that nonliving chemicals form into simple life-forms into more complex life-forms and finally into humans. You say that this change occurred over millions of years, and the dominant mechanism that is supposed to have driven it is natural selection coupled with mutations.

This sounds like the perverted work of Satan trying to make people not believe in God. With Satan everything is backwards. According to you earth made man and you cannot prove how these things came about.
YOU have not found any missing links.

Animal Mother:
I believe that you actually believe that, but it has nothing to do with reality, like many of your other beliefs.

We can only observe variation within the created kind.
Your links are still missing.

Animal Mother:
Now you're just caught in a loop, we've addressed the concept of theories before. Your refusal to comprehend that concept does nothing to invalidate scientific truths.

Your caught in a trap because you cannot understand the spiritual. There is no scientific truths to invalidate. And must I say again you, can't go back and observe you must


Matthew 21:43
Therefore say I unto you, The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.
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