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Originally Posted by neon View Post
I know I didn't, they were extinct when I came along.
No human did. They existed long before mankind did.

Dinosaurs weren't called dinosaurs in till the 18th century they were known as dragons. The Bible talks about dragons in the King James version as real animals.

"The beast ( which was mentioned in Genesis as being made by God.) of the field shall honor me, the Dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen."

The word dragon appears in the Old Testament at least 21 times.
I think there may have actually been dragons once upon a time. Too many cultures have stories about them. And if there were such a thing as dragons they probably were one of the last cousins to the Dinosaur... sort of like the Crocodile. But that doesn't change the fact that there were giant reptilian creatures roaming this planet LONG before humans evolved from our ape like cousins.

It is a profound fallacy
No it's a fact.

Can you construct a psychology based on evolution? The problem you see, is the origin of man's mind. The fact that we think the way we do. What evolution describes as an heritage from the animal kingdom. The Bible regards as a consequence of sin. Man was not created evil, but only became evil after he sinned.
I don't even know what craziness you're talking about. What does our sub conscience have to do with God?

We are very different from animals.
Not very different no. Our bodies have similar structures and materials. They operate on the same principles (Although dogs don't seem to handle chocolate all that well... poor guys). We even have some of the same behaviors. We're absolutely different species... but not day an night in our makeup at all.

We can only observe them, they cannot tell us what they dream or what they are thinking.
Because they don't have complex language. But they can communicate. Anyone that has a dog will tell you they can communicate.

We see them do things so we know they are thinking but we are only guessing what that might be.
That's a horrible over simplification. There are animal behavior researchers that know volumes about what animals think. Simply because it isn't our field of study and we are ignorant of the information doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That's your problem Molly... you think if you don't know it, and it doesn't fit nicely into your bible... that it can't be real. You're ignorant... and a fool.
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