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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
When people start preaching while discussing business, grab your wallet and start backing up. I've never had anyone do that who didn't try to screw me in the name of the Lord.
This one particular time stands out as him being super cheap...

He wanted us to turn a set of rotors for his old POS chevy van, that had 1/8" or deeper gouges in the already warped rotors. REFUSED to pay for a new set of rotors, which would have been about $50 (or less) for that truck...

So we turned them, slapped on a new set of pads and sent him on his way. Not an hour later hes back, as you christians would call it "Raising Cain." "ITS WORSE NOW THAN BEFORE!!"

Well no ****, you idiot.

Ended up buying the new set of rotors after all, very reluctantly, at full price.. So in his cheapness, he ended up paying twice what he should have in the beginning.

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