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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
I'm finding your posts harder and harder to believe.

Either every religious person in the world has been out to get you since you were born, or you're just not quite telling us the truth.

I doubt someone religious has purposefully tried to take advantage of you, all in the name of religion.

You've never had anyone try to screw you in the name of the Lord? Southern Baptists are the world's worst. Whatever they do is OK because once they're saved they're always saved. They get a free pass to Heaven regardless of what they do after they, "confess Christ".

Oh, that's right. It's OK as long as they invoke the name of the Lord. The Saints all squeal with glee as they're screwing people and laying up for themselves treasures in Heaven at the same time.

Every religious person is not out to get me. I respect many of them. You're not among them. Most religious people aren't like you but enough of them are to poison the well. I was raised by your kind. You really don't want to engage me at a personal level.
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