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Originally Posted by Officer's Match View Post
Nice edges TC.
Originally Posted by NeverMore1701 View Post
No doubt, wish I had the equipment and skil, to do that!
Thanks guys, but I am a no skill hack compared to some. I cheat with the Edge Pro. I just like the way these 10k grit edges cut. I have recently discovered .5micron diamond spray on a kangaroo leather strop and it makes them cut like nothing I have ever seen.

I had my knives at deer camp a few weeks ago and it was funny to see people's reactions when they used one of my knives. It makes game processing almost effortless. A lot of people out there have never used a truly sharp knife. luckily I didn't have my sharpening equipment with me or I would've been sharpening everyone's knives all week.

Here's my Liontribe custom with my edge on it.
The Cutting Edge

That was a chore and a half!
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