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basic maintenence and parts replacement for USP compact

I just picked up a used USP .40 compact LEM (AI, 2008) and was wondering what should be replaced to ensure it is in good working order, as I don't know how "used" it really is.

With used guns, I always throw in a new set of springs just to start fresh, but this is my first HK, so I'm not yet up to speed on the internals.

Anything in particular I should examine? What can/should be replaced as a matter of basic maintenence and for peace of mind?

It has the LEM trigger and safety lever, if that helps in thinking about what might need to be checked, replaced, etc.


PS, I'm led to believe that this config (LEM w/ safety) is somewhat unusual. Is this true? I double checked, and it did come from the factory this way. It is a true LEM and not just DAO. The label on the factory case reads "PISTOL USP .40 COMPACT LEM SAF."

PPS, feel free to offer some night sight recommendations as well. This will be part of my EDC rotation, so think no snag. Thx.

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