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Originally Posted by matt_lowry123 View Post
Alright, here's a few pics. The one in the middle is the one you're asking about. The one with the finger groves in it, is the one I got my dad. It's a 70 series with the brass bead. It has the gi thumb safety, so you might not like that. The one I got him is model number 01911WC.

I was wrong, I changed my fiber optic from green to red. I think the red looked better. The third colt in the pic is a reproduction 70's series. I don't know if you can tell or not, but I don't see any major roll marks.

Both of the colt talo's have a better trigger than the colt 70's series. I think you should go for it!!

Sorry for the small pics. I don't know how to resize them?

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Very nice Matt

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