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Originally Posted by OMEGA5 View Post
I know petting my 11 yr old Pom calms my nerves.
If I'm sitting, he's in my lap, If I laying down, he's
laying next to me. I retire Jan. 8th, 2013 and he'll
be my constant companion then.
Our dog growled this morning, I looked up from my newspaper and saw the cat swatting over the water bowl...a little disagreement over who gets the first drink. I called the dog over to calm the situation and shared a small piece of my toast as a consolation prize.

Usually they just ignore each other. They've both done good work; barking to let us know when someone comes around, and catching a mouse or two over the years, besides being family friends.

Enjoy your retirement; mine began about 6 months earlier than yours, although I still work the odd shift now and then.
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