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Originally Posted by ajgranda View Post
I'm not too sure of that. I spoke to a NHC rep recently and they said all of their parts are now forged, no castings. On par with WC bulletproof parts. Also, their standard BN treatment (not coating) is better than anything Wilson or Brown offers. If you want any color other than Black, they still use Permakote though.
Yeah they're full of it. Look up them using Kimber ambi safeties and guys sending them back and NH's CS giving them hell saying they won't warranty them. They knew if they wanted a strong ambi they'd have to buy them from Wilson. It's good that they started using melonite or whatever but their other coatings had issues. The biggest problem I have is that they are on remsport frame and slides. Nothing wrong with them but I'm not paying $3k for one when I can have either a DW (cheaper) or a Wilson or Brown. Whom, make their own stuff including their own frame and slides. Nighthawk merely buys stuff and rebadges it so I'm not impressed for that kind of money when Baer, Brown, GC, and Wilson are the competition. YMMV.
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