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i like a partially serrated blade. why?

i work in tunnel construction project. during excavations we had these huge canvas bulkheads up to divert airflow. they were sometimes crisscross with thick rope to reinforce they didnt balloon into a walkway or something. i had to help a contractor cut a piece. his knife while sharp..had a difficult time. my benchmade zippered the canvas and light sabered the rope.

if there was a fire and we needed to knife would have lead the way. that miner gave me money to buy him a benchmade with serrations. he worked to much to go shopping. he just handed me cash.

sharpening it? when i bought my benchmade..there was some man there..i remember him being some benchmade guy. cant be sure. it has been years and years. i asked about sharpening the thing. he said..use the spyderco sharpmaker. the corners of the ceramic sticks ride in and out of the serrations of benchmade style serrations perfectly. i have had my knife for years...and sharpening it this way has worked. my serrations are super sharp.
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