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Originally Posted by cosmose View Post
they said it would not run consistently or reliably, and that they don't recommend them, it didn't say to Not use them.
plus i don't see how a underpower round could cause a oob discharge.
And just because nobody told ever you not to put beans up your nose, is it a wicked good idea to do so??

It has yet to be determined if it is an out of battery fire issue, a defective extractor, fouled chamber bad ammunition, or if it was an obstruction in the barrel. All possible causes are 100% speculation and some highly educated guesses based on a few pictures.

The root cause will most likely remain so for our lifespan unless some pretty heavy duty tests are made and all evidence is provided to the testing authority and and a RCA is issued. As no personal injury happened, most likely S&W will just repair the rifle and send it back.

But posting a thread saying that you used ammunition not recommended in the owners manual and had a problem is part of the reason why the manuals are getting thicker every year. Bottom line, the user was not using recommended ammo
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