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Originally Posted by ajgranda View Post
I'm not too sure of that. I spoke to a NHC rep recently and they said all of their parts are now forged, no castings. On par with WC bulletproof parts. Also, their standard BN treatment (not coating) is better than anything Wilson or Brown offers. If you want any color other than Black, they still use Permakote though.
The Black Nitride is so good, that Metaloy will not hardchrome a gun that has that finish. That kind of speaks for itself. It reminds me of a better version of what DW is using for their Duty Treatment, which is some damn good stuff.
Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Joe just bought a new Nighthawk and I'm looking forward to his opinion. I will say some of the new Nighthawks at my shop feel pretty good.

Maybe they're bouncing back.
The Falcon I just got was built in 6/12 and is as good as anything I've ever seen from them. Including my #751 hardchromed bobtailed Predator II Commander, built entirely by Ron Phillips. That's about as early a model from NH as you're gonna find and Ron is a premeir gunsmith. This gun shoots lights out and is almost as tight as my Pro, minus the first breaking loose of the slide. No machine marks and just very well put together.

Originally Posted by MD357 View Post
Yeah they're full of it. Look up them using Kimber ambi safeties and guys sending them back and NH's CS giving them hell saying they won't warranty them. They knew if they wanted a strong ambi they'd have to buy them from Wilson. It's good that they started using melonite or whatever but their other coatings had issues. The biggest problem I have is that they are on remsport frame and slides. Nothing wrong with them but I'm not paying $3k for one when I can have either a DW (cheaper) or a Wilson or Brown. Whom, make their own stuff including their own frame and slides. Nighthawk merely buys stuff and rebadges it so I'm not impressed for that kind of money when Baer, Brown, GC, and Wilson are the competition. YMMV.
I agree with you 100% about what they were becoming and used to do, but I have all of the above mentioned guns, and this version is as good or better than some of those. I'm not saying that NH is back on track, but this is the best offering I've seen from them in a LONG time. I'm still not ever going own a T3. Not sure I'd take one for less than half price. But, IMO, they would be better off discontinuing that model. In all seriousness, I think about 7-8 out of 10 of those that I've seen, read/heard about, has had some sort of issue. I'm not giving NH the complete "back in business/on top of their game" award yet, but they are turning things around IMO. On a side note, Black Nitride is tougher than Melonite, as Metaloy can and will hardchrome a gun with a Melonite finish. Chris said the Black Nitride was some badass stuff. And if I'm gonna take anyone's opinion on finishes to the bank, it's Chris Peters.

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