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Well, JMOfartO:

A couple of years ago I got the Marlin 39 "fever" and wound up with 5 of the suckers. (2 1970 Century Limiteds/ a 96',75',50 39A).

I loved 'em all.

But I kept hearing good things about Henry's, so my wife and I stumbled up on a couple of NIB youth models (HT001Y) at a local gun store, we 'bought 'em.

I'm high on Marlin 39's, but I'll tell ya the truth.

The little Henry (@ $267 OTD) will do anything for me as to accuracy, at any distance I can see to shoot from, that the more expensive, an heavy 39A's will do. And the action is actually slicker, not even close.

I'll always try and keep one Marlin 39A because they are simply classics, but I've let the 2 CL's go, sold the 96 and traded the 75 for a nice S&W Model 41 (even swap).

I still have the 1950 39A, but I shoot the Henry more often.

Either gun will do ya a great job, but the Henry will always have a warranty, and a great company to back it, something I'm not sure is available with the Remington owned Marlin co. these days.

Good shootin'


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