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Originally Posted by SigFTW View Post
I talked to the gunsmith at RIA again and he insist that a heavier spring, heavier than 16# would not work in the RIA 1911 10mm, He tried that out himself. I asked about the Colt Delta Elite 10mm using a 20+lb spring and he said because they had feed issues. He also said to add a shock buffer by WC, this will help.

The only was to verify the claim by the RIA 10mm GS is to put it through the test. I will let y'all know what I find out when the springs come in. The 16# will be here Monday or Tuesday, I'll order a 20 and 21lb Monday.
Yeah, that guy has no clue. I think Dan Wesson runs ~20lbs in theirs too. I KNOW Wilson recommends 20+Lbs because I talked to them about a 10mm conversion for my .40 CQB earlier this year. Read up on some of the other 1911 forums/10mm forums and you'll see what everyone runs. Shock buffs are junk. If it's sprung right, you should have any battering, even with hot loads.
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