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My RIA 10 MM came in last Friday . I was able to get to the range Sunday after church.
I had Wolff 18.5 and 20.0 lb recoil springs at the house, I installed the 20.0lb spring . I shot offhand at a 2" shoot N-C dot at 10 yards.
All handloads- 200gr cast at 1000 fps , Nosler 180 gr HP's at 1280 fps and some 135 gr Nosler's at 1450 fps . The only FTF was with the Nosler 135gr HP's ( these were handloads for my G20 SF- reloaded mutiple times) so I really have no complaints.
Accuracy was good with the 200gr cast and 180gr Noslers , easily hitting the 2" dot when I did my part. I will get a trigger job done, all looks pretty good.

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