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Originally Posted by 475-480 View Post
My RIA 10 MM came in last Friday . I was able to get to the range Sunday after church.
I had Wolff 18.5 and 20.0 lb recoil springs at the house, I installed the 20.0lb spring . I shot offhand at a 2" shoot N-C dot at 10 yards.
All handloads- 200gr cast at 1000 fps , Nosler 180 gr HP's at 1280 fps and some 135 gr Nosler's at 1450 fps . The only FTF was with the Nosler 135gr HP's ( these were handloads for my G20 SF- reloaded mutiple times) so I really have no complaints.
Accuracy was good with the 200gr cast and 180gr Noslers , easily hitting the 2" dot when I did my part. I will get a trigger job done, all looks pretty good.

That's great! Thanks for the info!
Spent brass to me is like the ring to Gollum "We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious"
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