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Originally Posted by scottyd2506 View Post
Bullet speed while going out of the end of a barrel it totally different that the speed of it going through a human body.

I think the "lightning bolt effect" is a combination of a bullet that has expanded and is still moving OVER the speed of sound while traveling through a attackers body.

a bullet that is still breaking the sound barrier while it is going through vital organs of the body. and the speed of sound is around 1100 fps

the combination of a good expanding bullet with at least a .140 sectional density and moving around 1400 fps from the muzzle seems to be the ticket.

This has PROVEN to work in REAL LIFE.
I tend to agree with you, scotty. There's a convergence of bullet design/velocity in handguns that create an ever-evolving window of effectiveness.

In the early 1900s the .38 Special didn't get the job done for the military so the .45ACP was developed, which still works to this day.

In the 1920s the .38 Super was created and from what I can tell it's still a credible (if expensive) self-defense caliber available in the 1911 platform. It seems to me that the .357sig is a bit more formidable with twice the ammo capacity, with the .38 Super having more bullet weight options available for those who reload.

In the 1930s the .38 Special had issues for LEO so the .357 Magnum was created and to this day is the standard by which all other handgun effectiveness is measured.

I'm no ballistics expert my any measurement but from what I can tell the .357 Magnum is the best single all-round handgun caliber for personal self-defense purposes if one doesn't consider magazine/gun capacity.
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