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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
I eagerly await the next revelation about PWs total misunderstanding of the last batch of stuff cribbed from creationist websites without having a clue what he was actually talking about.

His best moments have been deleted, actually.

He once tried to claim that the average rate of star formation in the universe would indicate that we should literally see that many stars forming in the night sky every second.

He ignored that the average rate of star formation would mean about one or two new stars per year in the milky way - which would amount to trying to find one or two new stars in a sea of at least a hundred billion stars.

He also ignored that the universe's actual (as opposed to average) rate of star formation could change over time.

He ignored that the size of the universe, and it's expansion rate, means that it's reasonable that we do not see all those stars forming.

That, however, is not the best part. The best part was that when he calculated his average rate of star formation, he did the math wrong, and claimed a rate that was far too high. Note that this was not a matter of his putting in numbers that were too large to begin with - his statement was actually arithmetically incorrect. The numbers he put in were correct, and the operations he claimed to perform were correct - but the number he got out was just flat out wrong.

I submit this now for those who remember it. The google link to the archive of that thread comes back with an empty page, which is a sad, sad thing. Anybody in a discussion with PW ought to be able to just link that claim, as well as his claim that the minute amount of iron in the Sun would prevent fusion.
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