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Recoil Reduction Question

I'm an avid shooter, ex LEO/Military and have herniated cervical disc from a car wreck. Recoil hurts these days. I just had low back fused and will be having neck done soon.

I'm almost 60 and feel strongly about protecting the family, I have CCW and normally carry a Mod 27 with .357 factory barrel or a PM45 Kahr

I've seen mention of Springco and also GlockStore has a tungsten guide rod they claim reduces recoil. I owe a duty to my family and the public to train and be proficient if I carry a weapon and the reduced recoil would be very appreciated, cost is not a big factor, reliability is. If I have to sell a gun to trick out another that won't hurt so bad, I'm game.

What says the group and thank you in advance.
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