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She's adapted and is initiating play with two of the others that she's taken a shine to...both
d they seem to be hitting it off, although Katy is a little jealous of me diverting too much attention. I tell her that she's still my best girl, and that seems to reassure her.

"Sugar" is well-mannered and respectful, but needs some work on-leash. It appears that she's either well housebroken, or smart enough to realize that in the house isn't the place to go. She had one accident the second day, and after correction and a trip outside...that's been the end of it.

She's started to put on a little badly-needed weight. Feeding her twice a day and mixing a good amount of Purina Puppy Chow with her regular food is giving positive results.

Her tail is in constant motion whenever she's interacting with the other dogs or her human pack, and she's just plain happy to be here. She's gonna be a real keeper.
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