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I have no stories, but in the 1980s, we had several "officer needs assistance" calls in Denver.
A few were very bad (officer shot by a prisoner, and such), but most were over by the time I could get across town.

They were always across town from me. Even when I was a wild car.
I guess you could say that my fellow officers were safe when they were near me.
Or you could say that it was boring near me.

We did punch the panic button once when I was training a new guy, saw a car shoot out of 7-11, we stopped it, had another car screech to a halt behind us (looking like it was full of a Mexican gang) yelling that the other car had a shotgun.

An occupant of the first car exited and put himself in a felony kneeling position all by himself, and we had the beginnings of a gang fight.

We cooled it down before backup arrived.

That was as exciting as it got around me.
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