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Our code is "10-24." In 15 years as a LEO, I have heard it twice.

Once was for an officer who was involved in a very bad wreck. He was able to get to his shoulder mike and all he could say was "10-24." A few moments later a passing motorist came on the radio saying something along the lines of "hello? hello? dispatch? there's an officer hurt really bad in a crash." That one sends chills.

The second time was Memorial day weekend in 1999. I was working an off duty detail at a park with a bunch of other officers from other agencies (city, state and wildlife guys). A call of "10-24" came from our dispatch reference a riot in the next city. It was like a Christmas parade - everything from DARE vehicles to Game and Fish officers with their boats in tow. Long story short, a rookie officer tried to break up a block party in a less than affluent part of town. His mistake was pulling out a shotgun and threatening people with it. It was taken from him and thankfully not used on him.
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