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Originally Posted by Shark1007 View Post
I'm an avid shooter, ex LEO/Military and have herniated cervical disc from a car wreck. Recoil hurts these days. I just had low back fused and will be having neck done soon.

I'm almost 60 and feel strongly about protecting the family, I have CCW and normally carry a Mod 27 with .357 factory barrel or a PM45 Kahr

I've seen mention of Springco and also GlockStore has a tungsten guide rod they claim reduces recoil. I owe a duty to my family and the public to train and be proficient if I carry a weapon and the reduced recoil would be very appreciated, cost is not a big factor, reliability is. If I have to sell a gun to trick out another that won't hurt so bad, I'm game.

What says the group and thank you in advance.
My HK45C is the softest shooting 45 I've ever fired.
The H&K recoil reduction is for real.

My Sig P239/357 is a soft shooter in that caliber.
A P229 is even better.
And an all stainless P229 Elite has got to be a kitten.

Oh crap I totally forgot - LOL.
I've got a Storm Lake 4.16" extended dual ported 357 Sig barrel
in my G27 that reduced the 357 felt recoil, for me, to 9mm +P levels.
Try a SL ported barrel in your G27-357.
General Glocking

Although I have no personal experience with LW products.
An inexpensive option would be ($124.95)

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