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It's usually 10-33, 10-99, "shot fired!" or just a simple "help" that gets the wheels moving. In our squad and agency, saying "expedite!" gets the response. Booked a few times to that.

Early in my career, I was dropping off a subject in downtown Seattle when my partner in the adjoining small agency (shared dispatch channel) yelled into his radio that he we in a fight and needed help. Call was immediately toned out as the "help the officer" call. If you are familiar with the 520 floating bridge in Seattle, imaging going 119 at mid span, driving a 95 caprice with an LT1 under the hood. I remember it getting loose because I was catching air. Got there the same time as surrounding agencies did.

That was my second year and it woke me up to the fact of "Drive safe, arrive alive."
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