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.450 Bushmaster: The lower is a Grizzly Multi-Cal lower (LAR) with an ACE stock, Ergo Grip, Mag-Pul trigger guard, Rock River trigger, Tac-Latch charging handle and Arredondo mag and bolt releases. I used a standard weight Carbine buffer with a custom +25% buffer spring. I put a Ross Comp on the 16" barrel and a Carbon Arms Feather handguard. The gasblock is a Syrac adjustable. It is wearing a 1.5-6 Burris MTAC in a JP one piece mount. The rail on the side of the handguard is temporary for a laser until I get the system I am working on for a light and laser completed. I am running about half the gas volume with the factory loads and it functions sweet and smooth. The syrac's simple adjustment allows me to turn the gas up or down easily and it is very durable. Total weight is 8.1 pounds with optic mounted.
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