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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
SG actually have preferences like other guns. You should try a few diff loads & "pattern" them. I like the various low recoil #00 buck, but they all do not hit POA & some pattern tighter than others. Just for indoors, I like #4 buck. You get 27, 24 ca projectiles arriving enmass, coverng 6"-7" @ 21ft.
If the fight moves outdoors, then the #00 has an advantage. The heavier/larger pellets will have more momentum as the range increases & fewer will hit, so the larger pellets will provide greater tissue damage. The avg riot choked 12ga spreads roughly 1" per yard. So @ 30 yds, you'll be lucky to land half the shot charge on target.
Great response, thanks Fred. I recently discovered my deceased father's 1967 Light 12 A5 and want to activate it as part of my HD arsenal. I will try a variety of loads as you suggest. I like the description of #4. I know the CW with autos is to stay away from low recoil loads but, I've shot this gun years ago and my memory is it kicking like a mule. I know this gun has two recoil setups (moving the friction ring to the opposite end of the recoil spring) so I'm hoping it will function reliably with a softer load. Any A5 veterans try this?
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