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Originally Posted by HGxyz View Post
The "get unstuck" advice may be best - the Glock 9mms are great guns with a lot less recoil than the 40s/357s. I have the same carry set up as you, but as I get older, I'm liking my G26 more and more. I saw a Hickok45 video recently where he said he might start carrying the G26 - not because he's old, but because it shoots so damn well.

Maybe a 45? To me the G30 has less recoil than G23/G32. Or the 45 GAPs? I've rented, they shoot great, and the G39 recoil isn't bad.
I like the 180 sub sonic rounds in sub-compact 40.
The Speer 180 gr GDHP Short Barrel is very soft shooting to me.

You don't have to run hot 155/165 gr rounds in a light 40 handgun.

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