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Adding weight to the gun will reduce felt recoil as recoil is a function of the energy of the bullet and gas moving away from the breech face vs the weight of the gun. You can do things with springs to stretch the duration, so you can absorb the recoil energy over a little longer time. I would not expect a huge improvement there.

The problem of course is that you have one of the more energetic cartridges in one of Glocks smallest guns. Not much you can do.

If I were you I would consider a G19 or G26. I suppose you could also do the caliber conversion thing and shoot 9mm in it for a while while you are in the body shop getting your frame straightened and the dents hammered out.

An extended, ported barrel might reduce muzzle rise if you find that is the issue but the recoil energy will be the same, it will just move differently.

You might look into a 4" Smith and Wesson 625 .45 ACP. Bigger and heavier which will reduce recoil, no slide movement which many people cause the gun to feel like it is recoiling less and still a hard hitting gun. You will need a good belt and holster, you ain't pocket carrying that puppy. Load it with 185 grain non +P hollowpoints and you might find it bearable.
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