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I was actually thinking about posting this anyways because it keeps playing though my mind, and I was going to ask the collective minds how you cope.

Last Friday I was driving down a main road in our city when I saw a guy with a bat trying to swing it at a passing car; this was at 4:00am. I was probably about 45ft from him when he stepped into the road, so probably about 30ft away when my cruiser came to a stop.

As I exited the cruiser the male (6'1" 280lbs and I'm 5'6" 165lbs) rose the bat above his head and started coming towards me. He was talking nonsense and extremely sweaty and animated; I knew he was on something but not sure what.

I ordered him to drop the bat at gun point, and he did but wouldn't comply with any other commands. He kept backing away from me, and it appeared as of he was reaching behind his back around his waist band. I put out a 10-3 (officer in trouble) on myself when he wouldn't comply.

When I saw him reaching for his waistband I tased him, but it was ineffective due to a loose fitting hoodie. He squared up on me and I attempted to tase him again with my second cartridge; ineffective. I put him back at gun point and waited for backup to arrive, as I could see them flying down the road towards me.

After we had him cuffed, a family member told us that he had snorted cocaine that was laced with something bad...most likely bath salts.

All of this took place in probably 60-90 seconds although it felt a heck of a lot longer, and we ended up about 150yds West of our starting place. I had left my flashlight in my cruiser b/c i started my draw as I was leaving the cruiser, and didn't have a baton b/c of belt space (31" waist). I have since found/made room b/c of this incident.

This is the first time I have had an experience like this, although I've responded to a couple. I can honestly say its the first time I've been absolutely terrified since pinning on my badge in late June.

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