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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Reason I say pattern it, I tried two diff brands of non buffered #1 buck. Both pattern like crap in my 870 riot bbl. @ 10yds, lots holes in the pattern, w/ about half the shot missing. the 11x17 paper I use top pattern. All pellets should land center on that @ 10 steps. I am sure buffered shot would be better, but then it cost quite a bit more than most low recoil #00. So #4 buck indoors, devastating w/o a huge concern for overpentration from pellets that may miss. Whatever you decide, stick to some size of buckshot, never birdshot.
I will take your advice, as you're one of the wisest GT members around. Just so happens I'm going with a friend on Friday to shoot his 1967 vintage Wingmaster he just bought for $300 so I'll take along some of my leftover shotgun ammo to test, just in case I ever buy another shotgun.
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