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Yeah, more good ideas. The tungsten rod might not help much by itself, but every little bit adds up and helps. The Slug is also a good idea. If they don't make one for your gun, you could always mix up some epoxy and fill up the hollow with small lead shot and epoxy. Also, the muzzle brake/compensator will also help. I have an old Harrts Recoil Reducer in my G20 and it seems to help a little bit. I don't think anyone is making them anymore, but you might be able to find someone that has one they want to sell. Or, you could make one or have one made. It's just a metal tube filled with lead balls and mercury, but, you could skip the mercury part and just use oil, it might not be quite as heavy, but, it would still work about the same and be safer than using mercury. You could also add a weight to your accessory rail if you have a rail.
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