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Originally Posted by jeanderson View Post
One of the best ways I've heard recently of expressing the trouble we're in is this:

Every free-spending liberal loves to talk about the wonderful Clinton years, when there were actually budget surpluses. If, for each of the next 30 years, we had a surplus equal to the best of the Clinton years, we could pay back the total debt accumulated in just one year of Barack Obama.

We are way past the point of no return. When the inflationary effects of printing trillions of dollars kicks in and boosts the interest rate the government pays on the debt, the system will implode with lightning speed. Doubt that? 40% of the federal debt is in short-term notes of 12 months or less. Meaning they have to turn over trillions in debt every year!!!

You're scaring the citizenry.
June 28, 2012: the day the American republic died.

Uncontrolled, unaccountable government spending + Graduated income-tax = SLAVERY
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