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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
"My partner's been shot, send me the world."

The response still chokes me up. There were guys enroute to jail being unarrested and thrown out of patrol cars. There were office pogues showing up in decrepit old Tauruses with brakes smoking. I can't even talk about what EMS did. I've never been so proud of my agency and the local hose-draggers.
Similar thing happened in Knoxville TN a few years ago. The ambulance actually broke down while taking the officer to the hospital. They were able to get another ambulance over there and the officer still made it to the ER within 15 minutes IIRC.

Pretty sure the officer recovered without any severe long term damage though I think he retired. That was the 2nd time he was shot while on duty. He didn't wear a vest.

Glad he's ok.
I would sideswipe M&P15T's Mustang in the parking lot and not leave a note.

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