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So if you set up a trust and had a family member, like a father as one of the officers in it. Could both people put their firearms as assets under the trust, so that if either of them were ever in legal trouble, such as being sued, that the firearms could not taken since they are listed under the trust. Would that be a legal use of the trust, since it doesnt have to have just class 3 firearms in it. My parents are being sued for bs reasons by their prior tenants that they had evicted from their house after not paying for year. My parents expect to win, but My dad has a firearm we would hate to have someone come after in case like that.

I was telling him that I might look into getting a trust drawn up with my christmas funds and he had the idea to use one for that. Not sure who would be a good one in Georgia to go to for that, but Clydes Armory(same as is 5 miles away and they deal in a lot of class 3 stuff, so im sure they would have recommendations.
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