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Originally Posted by blastfact View Post

I may be anal about my firearms. I was taught as a child to slug out a barrel and pour a chamber cast with Cerrosafe. Be it a new barrel, new pistol, rifle or shot gun. I want to know exactly what I have. Then detail what I want too. You would be surprised how many bad barrels ship with new guns. And even more surprised how many barrels are just a hour away from being match grade.

I will still pay shipping for your junk LWB.
Sorry...I got very frustrated when I took it to the range for the first time and couldn't get 6 rounds through it without a FTF. Mind you this G20 has a gazillion rounds through it and maybe had 2 or 3 FTF's. I also take very good care of all my firearms and don't feel you should have to tinker with an expensive barrel to run right. Other company's have drop in barrels that run properly so it isn't asking much IMO. No biggie...I'll buy a KKM or new Glock barrel and move on.
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