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Originally Posted by scottyd2506 View Post
The 10mm might be better with 155's gold dots at 1500 fps for stopping power, but bigger heavier thicker frame guns and much more recoil..
Maybe Im just biased to the 10mm, but I think the 10mm is a pleasure to shoot (have shot everything from a Kimber, Colt Delta Elite, Eaa Elite Match, and a Glock 20 which I now own).
Had a chance to shoot both the .357 sig and a 10mm being fed Underwood 165gr during one range visit and IMHO the recoil wasnt that much different between the two.
The 10 has more of a .45 push whereas the 357 sig had more of a .40 muzzle flip.
Stories about the 10 having the recoil of a battleship is what kept me from it for so long and its just not true.
Your spot on about the ammo avail though.

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