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Originally Posted by mccannicalbob View Post
Are there any "rules of thumb" for how long after Glock cashes my upgrade check until I see my prize gun? My ffl assured me they sent in the paperwork for a gen4 g35 on 10/19/12, and last week my check was cashed. Does this mean my gun is coming shortly, or does it mean my ffl just sent in the paperwork?

I know if varies, and I know I need to be patient, but hearing other peoples' experiences helps pass the time.
Like Lethal Tupperway said, they are produced in batches. THAT can create delay times in you getting the pistol of your choice. Like DannyR said, follow the instructions on the back of the form. And Like Sardg stated, the instructions on the back state that you shouldn't bother them for about 150 days from the time you send the paperwork in.

But there can be PROBLEMS!
As humans we like to enure we have copies of anything that is dear to us; especially paperwork proving we are due a prize of great value. IF, well I'm sure like me, you made a copy of all the documents (except the FFL) to be mailed in. PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN that you mailed in the orginal certificate (with the red, white & blue flag). Any copies you made are useless to GLOCK. Without the orginal (as I understand it) they just wait for you to call in and get the bad news.

As the instructions suggest there may be a 150 day wait for the turn around but it can be longer. ENSURE THE FFL you provide does NOT EXPIRE during that time frame. If the FFL is going to expire during that timeframe you might want to look for another FFL or; ensure you update GLOCK with a newly signed copy of the FFL or the LOA. Again, if it does expire, remember, GLOCK is a busy factory and may not have time to contact you because you provided faulty paperwork that would create problems between GLOCK and the BATF. They most likely will wait for a phone call from you and receipt of an updated FFL or LOA before shipping your prized pocession.

This lecture is provided to insure certificate holders of GLOCK firearms get what they deserve when they win prizes from the friendly folks at GLOCK.
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