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Originally Posted by mccannicalbob View Post
So I submit a post asking to hear about other people's experience regarding wait times after a check is posted, and while a (very) few people actually did just that the rest of the responses were: YOU should have got a copy of the FFL; you should read the paperwork; Glocks are made in batches; it takes 150 days and don't call them; follow the instructions...

Why not try restraining yourself from hitting the "reply" button if you don't have a relevant experience to share. If the paperwork or instructions said "expect to wait 3 months to get your certificate, then wait two months before the check is cashed, then wait 4 months to receive your gun" I wouldn't have posted anything. I just was asking "my check was cashed--is that a good sign or not?" If you thought it was a dumb question, don't reply. If you can't answer what was asked, don't reply. If you just want to say "follow the directions", which does not answer the posted question, don't reply. Forums should be a source of useful information, which, with some exceptions, is the opposite of what I got in this case.
The instructions CLEARLY say, not to bother calling them if it has been less than 12 weeks (3 months) if you haven't received the gun (once the cert is sent in). It can take a long time. HOWEVER... how long it takes is directly dependent on if it is in stock or not. If the one you ordered isn't in, it has to wait until... guess what? Another BATCH is made. So the person who mentioned that was dead on accurate.

The check question I don't think is answerable. I expect that they deposit the check when they get it. The gun gets sent out when it's ready. Those might not be at the same time, and therefore no indicator of how soon you'll get it. You might not *like* that answer, you might think they should hold the check until they're ready to send the gun. I'd posit that GSSF doesn't have resources to do stuff like that, they just deposit checks, have your name on the list for a gun. When said gun is ready (right then or months later).... it goes out.

The information you received is pretty accurate. The people you're insulting are long time members here who are knowledgeable and helpful. You're not doing yourself any favors by being a jerk.

This is the internet. When you post something, when it comes to responses you have to take the good and the bad. If a post is helpful to you, good. If it's not.... skip it and ignore it.
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