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Originally Posted by adamsoa View Post
I just purchased my first Glock and I'm now addicted. I bought a Glock 20. I've been shooting quite a bit and I'm having a blast. My reloading dies should be here Monday and I have a bit of brass to work with.

I have a few questions I hope that you can help me with.

I would like to get a 6 inch barrel. I use this gun for the my primary carry but I will also hunt with it.
I have been looking at a lone wolf barrel, they seem like they are pretty good.

I would also would like to add a good red dot sight. Maybe a Trijicon RMR Sight--or another similar sight. I want to have a slide milled to accept the site. I've looked at one source tactical to get one not sure if anyone else does the modifications.

I appreciate any suggestions and I'm excited to learn more.


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I don't own a Glock that doesn't have a KKM bbl for it. Great chambers, drop in fit, accurate, IMO stronger (but that's subjective). They even seem to clean up more easily from fouling. When I got my G20 Gen3, I shot some UW 180g XTP's that cases bulged to the point I wouldn't reload them. I bought a KKM 4.6" and shot the same loads out of the same box and no bulges. They reloaded fine, as well. So that was good enough for me and why i always recommend them... esp when you shoot lead or hot/max loads. Congrats on your G20 Gen4, BTW!
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