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Its hard to say as you have no baseline for that rifle and that load. Could be really good could be pretty mediocre.

Nobody is going to hold an iron sighted rifle to 1 MOA across the course. Not even a match rifle with match sights shooting match ammo. The 10 ring on an NRA HP target is about 2 MOA and the X ring is about 1 MOA. In ten years of shooting at hundreds of matches, regional matches, Rocky Mountain Long Range chapmionships, and Camp Perry I've never ever seen a perfect score of 800 points which would mean the person held the rifle to 2 MOA for 80 shots--certainly not any perfect x counts.

Now I've cleaned a stage at 200, 300 and 600 yards before where I shot 200 out of 200 possible points. And I've seen a few people shoot a perfect 20 count X ring in a given stage of a match. But we are talking REALLY rarified air here and not something the average person could do and frankly the top rifle shots in the country could not repeat that performance any time they wanted to.

You don't need to take my word for any of this. The scores of the National Highpower Matches are published for all to see on the NRA competitions website. The dimensions of the NRA HP targets are available for all to examine. Show me a perfect score? Ever? When you do that means that guy held his rifle to 2 MOA. Perfect X count? That means he held it to 1 MOA. Never been done that I've seen in the history of the sport.
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