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Originally Posted by Roering View Post
Perhaps if you are a subject in what has been the pussification of America you may see being slapped as a physical assault. Back then it was an act of insulting someone in a very public way. This is not the same as a physical attack.
I get it... so I'm pussified if I think Jesus was instructing people to be pacifists. Gotcha.

I'll ask you again, what do you think the function of a sword was if not to attack or defend oneself from an attack?
Sorry I never saw where you asked me the first time. I personally think this passage shows where jesus really was just a man and not anything magical or god like. I think he was afraid and he was telling his handlers to get some weapons. He knew he had pissed off the wrong people and his time was running out. And I do think he makes himself a hypocrite here because up until this point he preached loving one's enemies, not resisting evil, and being a pacifist.

To put it another way, if someone slaps you in the face, would you then draw your gun???
No... I have a habit of head butting people and smashing their noses. Peace through superior firepower. But that was not Jesus' style. That is not what his example was and is it not the duty of each Christian to be as Christ-like as possible? Do you think Christ would have carried a gun? Or do you think he would have accepted God's will and let what will be... be?

As for Jesus, no he did not strike back in the face of violence, he would either slip away from an angry mob or when sentenced to death he went willingly to it. He never instructed his disciples to lay down for anyone who was to attack them personally though.
Again, is it not the goal of every Christian to be as Christ-like as possible? Do you think Christ would have carried a Glock had they been available then? Do you think he would have approved of his followers carrying a machine designed to kill to efficiently?

Jesus also walked on water. There are a lot of things He did that he may not expect us to do.
That's a cop out. There is a difference between the everyday example he set for his followers and the "Miracles" that the writers of the bible invented and attributed to him.

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